LG Kf 750 Secret, a Must Buy Gadget for All the Mobile Freaks

The LG mobiles have introduced their new model LG KF 750 Secret which is just bringing back the trend of slider phones as these sliders were just not appeared since a long time back. The new LG Secret has all the features which a mobile freak will want and also other arte few features which is really make it a smartphone and make it a not to miss gadget, even in the first week of launch it has shown real effect in the market as it has captured a good stake of market.

This new gadget has specialties starting with the camera, the camera in this phone is Carl Zeiss 5 mega pixels camera which can not be easily found in every common phone and that preciousness made this camera more efficient and more admirable. Through this one can click photographs in any atmosphere and also the user can adjust the features in order to get the best picture quality. Its camera has an unique feature which has been explained b\y the e.g. if there is a person who is there in almost every picture stored in the phone will be auto focused by the camera next time when you will click his photograph.

The video camera of LG secret is also quite new in terms of speed as if on e wants than he can even record a race without any blurring which is the common problem found in every now and then in almost all of the phones. But in this phone one will not face the problem of blurring for sure as this camera runs with a speed of 120 frames per second which is exactly 4 times of the speed of a normal mobile camera.

The recorded videos and pictures can be stored for ever in \the 100 MB internal memory of this ultimate gadget and also this memory can be extended up to a maximum of around 4 GB which is much more than enough and in which one can store around 900- 1000 songs easily and that could be considered as the personal music library.

Author: Rahul Bhadaurya
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