Ormondsystemslimited Fraudulently Uses Spyware Technology

Ormondsystemslimited is the name of a so-called security tool company.  Their product, by the same name, is a corrupt antispyware tool.  These rogue security programs are designed using spyware technology with only one purpose in mind—to rip off unsuspecting users.

The basic low-down goes something like this:  A user is browsing the Internet.  Suddenly, they get a warning screen popping up, saying that their computer has infected files.  To add to the drama, it shows them a high speed count of •infected files,” which can number in the thousands.

Little does the user know that this is actually a carry over from spyware programming.  An intrinsic feature of spyware is that before you get a pop up, it scans all of your temporary files and sends them to a remote server.  In this case, you get the pop up first, and you get to watch the very same scan, which it misleadingly claims is a spyware scan.

After the •shock and awe,” it will tell you that it can clean your •infection” if you buy the full or registered version.  It shows you that you can accept or decline this offer, but the funniest thing is that it won’t leave if you say •no.”  Your browser will also be redirected to Ormond's home page, where you can download this so-called •full version.”

Here is a classic case of browser hijacking.  Browser hijackers are a type of spyware that will reset your browsers home page and will redirect your browser to sites that it wants you to see.  Of course, you want nothing to do with this site.

If you do click •Yes,” it will open a sales page for you to buy their product.  This is where the real fraud occurs.  Let’s say you buy the registered program.  First of all, the capacity to remove spyware of the program you get is usually minimal at best.  It also doesn’t even update.

It does have another feature, however, and it's something you’ll never get with a real antispyware program.  It’s a little program called a Trojan Downloader.  This isn’t technically spyware, but it is adware. 

Basically, it downloads adware files onto your computer, completely bypassing your security software.  Now, you’ll have all the pop ups, crashing programs, and slow processing your heart could desire.

That’s not even the worst of it.  Given that this is corrupt software created by corrupt people, what do you think are the chances that they will take more money than they asked for?  How about all of it?  It’s been known to happen with this program’s virus counterparts.

Unfortunately, this information does little to protect you from infection.  Once you see the warning screen, you’re infected.  It can, however, protect you from getting ripped off for shoddy technology.

Once you see the warning screen, there’s really only one thing you can do.  Turn off your computer and get a real antispyware program.  Look for a 100% removal guarantee.

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Carl runs a site devoted to helping you rid your computer from all sorts of spyware and malware at http://www.spyzooka.com/

Author: Carl Atkinson
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