Summer Art, Fashion and Design Courses in Milan

Are you a fashion or design lover?

Well, then this is your perfect chance to spend an Italian summertime, just in the stylish and cosmopolitan city of Milan.

There’s a lot of students like you, whose desire is to learn anything about fashion and design creations here in Italy, and now you have the opportunity to attend special and high quality Art courses.

Art Courses in Italy in fact presents Summer Courses 2009, on its 6th edition, which in the last years made great success among students from every corner of the world.

The new section of Art Courses in Italy was thought just for students who are looking for a fashion or design summer course in Italy, and not in an ordinary city…but in the glamorous and lively Milan, renowned all over the world for its style and professional drawing and creations.

Naba (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti) organizes Introduction, Intermediate (Studio Level) and Advanced Level courses, according to your skills in design and also Italian language; the courses are open to all students with a high school diploma and from first and second year of university.

You will have at your disposal a wide choice of art courses you can choose among, of a duration of 2 weeks: Fashion Design, Styling and Accessories, Fashion Marketing and Merchandising, Fashion Photography and Journalism, Fashion Textiles and Fibres, Interior and Product Design, Landscape Architecture, Lighting Design Studio, Graphic Design, Graphic Art Design for Fashion, Photography and the Moving Image, Theatre Design.

During Interior and Product Design Course for example, students will analyze contemporary interior spaces and will design an interior layout for a special location in the city, whereas in Theatre Design Course students will become aware of costume designers’ tools and methodologies, and afterward, through an intensive workshop experience, they will produce handicrafts using artistic techniques and materials.

Moreover, Fashion Merchandising Studio will provide international students the necessary tools to understand the dynamic context of the fashion business in Italy and internationally, and the key activities in fashion buying, retailing and merchandising.

Isn’t enough? If you want to learn Italian language, the School Leonardo da Vinci for foreigners in cooperation with NABA, organizes many useful and qualified Italian language courses for complete beginners and intermediate level students.

All information about Starting Dates, Prices and anything else about the courses, visit our website.

So…if you feel like a new Valentino or Renzo Piano…don’t miss your chance and come to Milan to make your dreams come true!

About the Author:

School Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the most important Italian language schools for foreigners in Italy, and organizes Italian courses since 1977. It is present in the most beautiful cities of Italy (Florence, Milan, Rome, Siena), and each year the company welcomes thousands students from 60 different countries in the world.

Author: Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci
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