Tremendous Changes Brought by T1 Technology

When we talk about T1 technology then we are talking about t1 router, t1 bandwidth, t1 connection which has acted like a value adder for big and small enterprises. The effective technology has understood the problems faced by corporate houses for communicating their data. So with the help of advanced technologies, BTXchange is able to offer all the brands for effective business solution.

Our team of experts highlights your problems in transmitting the data and accordingly suggests t1 router, t1 bandwidth, t1 connection for your organization. We have never suggested you that T1 which can bring hassles in your timely communication with clients.

Excellent voice transmit

Using t1 bandwidth is an ideal solution for transmitting the voice and data in a more advanced manner. Its total capacity is divided into 64 kbps channels for transmitting the valuable data to your clients. The perfect blend of voice and data reaches to your desired place with appropriate information required at another end. Infact the integrated features in these t1 technologies provide high priorities to any voice calls and provide a satisfactory outcome.

Integrated Access Device

Whenever you make a decision to buy any device or technology, it requires a tedious task to compare the traditional and advance T1 technology for better business communication opportunities. T1 technology offers the dynamic allocated voice and data passing system from a single T1 pipe known as Integrated Access Device which improves the business and personal relations. All the data is transmitted at high speed while using these advance integrated devices in t1 connections.

Uptime Guaranteed

Business needs are always more especially when you make a comparison with your personal needs. That’s why T1 is known as a business class service provider. The high quality speed runs the servers in a more symmetrical manner with a service level agreement. Infact its high performance is acceptable at all the business houses as it takes lesser time to repair (MTTR).

No Port Blockage

Everyone knows that timely data and business communication is significant for generating more business. BTXchange helps you to select only those devices like T1 technology for accurate data and voice transfer. All the business houses face the problems with cable/DSL as they have AUP or TOS. These AUP or TOS disallows servers and sometimes blocks the port. This can delay your email checking or browsing or website updations or online records. So it is advisable to use T1 settings to ignore these problems and reach to the potential level.
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