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It's a mobile that looks like an iPod, but no, its not a Apple product. The LG U400 is from the house of LG, who have given the market, a new high with their latest launch. The LG U400 is a mid-range mobile phone, and first in a market with a unique navigation system- the scroll wheel. What makes the LG U400 more desirable its quality clear display and very user-friendly keypads.

LG has sure deviated from the usual trend of joysticks, navigational pad, and touch pads, with its scroll wheel. But the scroll wheel does not really get the gold medal. The reason being, the positioning of the scroll wheel is somewhat at the left, and most of the time users end up pressing the call key to reach the Menu. Also, the scroll wheel is less intuitive and smooth than expected. But if one gets adjusted to the usage, then handling LG U400 would not really be a series of unfortunate incidents.

LG U400 comes with a slider mechanism, measuring 100mm x 50mm x 20mm. Which means the handset is towards a bulkier side. But the handset does not weigh you down. The LG U400 weighs just about 113 grams. The keypad are raise and comfortable for easy and fast typing. The glossy black finish looks impressive and the sliver metallic highlight makes the LG U400 quite a trendy gadget.

Another impressive things about LG U400 is its display. With a 2in QVGA (240 x 320 pixels) screen, the display is clear, bright and apt. Which means that viewing pictures, videos, text and icons is just an eye-candy. The display also performs well under the direct sunlight. The handset comes empowered with a 2MP camera that can snap photos up to a 1600 x 1200 resolution. The camera can adjust brightness levels, white balance settings, night mode, a three, five or 10 second timer and black and white and sepia effects. There is also a VGA camera for video calling.

LG U400 has a good music player, competent of a range of file formats including AAC, AAC+, AMR, MP3, MIDI, MP4, WAV and WMA.

The U400 includes Bluetooth and USB connectivity. There are also SMS, MMS and e-mail messaging (with T9 predictive text input), WAP 2.0 and Java support.

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