Garmin Nuvi 765t 4.3-inch Widescreen - New Generation Technology

Garmin has improved on its already impressive technology with the Nuvi 765T. The slim pocket size design plus the 4.3-inch widescreen display with anti glare and automatic change for easy viewing in darkness is only the beginning of advances made by Garmin for the Nuvi 765T. The new HotFix satellite prediction will find your position quickly and accurately. Lane assist will guide you into the right lane and give you a view of the junction you are approaching whenever possible.

The unit maps the US, Canada and Puerto Rico including millions of areas attractive to travelers such as ATMs, hotels, restaurants, Gas stations and resort areas. This GPS navigator will map out your turns and lane changes ahead of time so you will know the right lane to be in prior to approaching the turn. Eliminate the stress of last minute lane changes and wondering if you are in the proper lane for easy turning. If you do make a wrong turn, the Nuvi can automatically get you back in route to your destination quickly by giving you another route.

The Garmin Nuvi 765T offers 3D viewing of buildings in some areas, traffic reports, road construction delays and even automatically changes your time zone as need when traveling across the country. It clearly shows details of road signs pertaining to your route so you will not have to search for the correct sign. The signs for other destinations in the junction are dimmed out to avoid confusion. The correct turn is highlighted clearly to allow you to make the right turn with ease. It calculates mileage, speed, and total traveling time for your trip.

The touch screen is easy to use with voice guided turn-by-turn instructions. If you make a wrong turn, it is simple to get an alternate route with a touch of the screen. You can view the screen in 2d or 3d views to give you a better perspective. The widescreen gives you a much better view as it has more screen area than a traditional 3.5-inch screen. This also makes the touch control easier to use, as there is more space between the buttons.

In addition to this, the Garmin 765T nuvi 4.3 widescreen features Bluetooth technology, text to speech abilities, media player, and an FM transmitter to transfer audio to your existing car radio. Any Bluetooth phone will work with the nuvi allowing you to make hand free phone calls while driving. The touch screen makes it easy to dial the number or access your address book to make calls. A touch of the screen is all it takes to receive a call and talk into the microphone. With a built in microphone and speakers it is easy to send and receive calls safely while driving.

Find the fastest route to where you need to go and save up to ten different locations. This is useful for such things as running errands, yard sales, or just when doing regular shopping. You are also able to see where you have been and go over your checklist making sure all your errands are completed before returning home.

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