Men’s Rings for Weddings and for Fashion

Traditionally men’s wedding rings have been your basic gold or white gold bands that have been far less extravagant than their counterpart women’s wedding bands. The reasons for this are obvious. Men traditionally required less extravagance to satisfy their tastes and also, it’s about all a man could afford after spending the majority of his life savings on that diamond!

As we transition from an industrial nation, men’s tastes have evolved to desire small embellishments and men have become a little more refined in their tastes. Nowhere is this more evident than in the world of mens rings. What once was simple understated and economical in styling has become a market that has exploded with revolutionary designs and very unique styling.

With new contemporary alloys like palladium, tungsten, titanium and black titanium choices for the type of metals used are vastly superior to the metals used in previous years. With companies like Artcarved inlaying 18 ct gold into their titanium rings and designers like Edward Mirell making black titanium rings inlaid with grey titanium and three diamond sets, it’s obvious that we have reached a new pinnacle in the development of marriage rings for men.

For those of you not looking to make the most important commitment in your lives just yet fear not, rings are not just being made for the men who are getting married. The market has exploded for designers making rings for everyday use. They are looking for rings to relay a sense of style and refinement. Rings designed to shine but yet maintain a rugged look. Today’s rings are for the everyday man, which is evidenced by the exclusive Orange County Choppers collection available only from a select dealer. These designs are as radical as the bikes being made in upstate New York and show off a sense of ruggedness that most men dream of.

Every day use of rings to show style has become an important part of our culture. Every professional sports franchise presents rings to their champions at the end of each season which are proudly warn to show the world that they are champions. You may not have a Super Bowl ring to wear but you can easily show the world your fashion style with a multitude of rings like the very limited, highly sought after Timoku style rings made by Edward Mirell. Rings like the Timoku beveled edge band are very hard to find and will be valuable for years to come.

If you are looking for the special design for your wedding day or you are looking for the perfect style for your night out on the town then the world is your oyster! These revolutionary designs are waiting for you but hurry because they don’t always last long!

Author: Kimberly Green
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