Using Fashion Accessories Like Tungsten Rings To Enhance Your Personality

Being in fashion is a necessity for many people and it’s a daily consideration that takes up a large part of their day. People spend time on hairstyles that are trendy and unique with the focal point on acceptance. Trendy clothing has been a mainstay for centuries with trend setting going to those who sit in the higher classes of society. Fashion sense is nothing new and it can be dated back to the dawn of civilization. So it’s no wonder that we remain transfixed on fashion just as deeply as we did centuries ago.

Some people focus on accessories like tungsten rings to help them separate themselves from others in the dating scene. The perfect catch needs to be able to find you on that dance floor and the right amount of fashion can do the trick. It’s vital to show who you are in your look because the first stages of attraction are almost always non-verbal. Therefore, fashion plays an important role in relationship building.  Once the attraction is established you can use your charm to reel them in but if you are not fashionable for the scene you are into then you’ll have a very hard time connecting with anyone.

The world of business usually has the same high standards on fashion as your private world. If your hair is messy and your cloths tattered and torn you will surely have trouble bringing in new clients or closing the deal. The worlds most successful business people dress with an eye on what is fashionable for their business. If you work in high finance you’ll mostly likely be wearing a costly high-end suit.  If you are working in the fashion industry you’ll likely be more on the eccentric side and you’ll accessories nicely with those tungsten rings mentioned earlier.

Even if you’re counter culture and you avoid all things fashionable you’ll likely find yourself subscribing to the fashion of the counter culture in which you identify yourself. It may seem like a vicious circle but it’s a fact of life that everyone identifies with a specific group of people and usually you’ll work to fit in and fashion plays a big part of comfortably fitting in. As you get older your fashion will change but if you take note you’ll notice that your circle of relationships has changed and you are not working to comply with their fashion needs.

Author: Kimberly Green
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