PDA GPS units - more than you'll ever want from life!

PDA's, or personal digital assistants are mini personal computers that initially were supposed to be personal organizers, but in time a lot of other useful functions were added to them, and they became address books, clocks, memo pads, Internet browsers, photo cameras, and many other things.

The latest thing that was included in the PDA is a Global Positioning System Device, (a GPS device), a gadget that can determine your position anywhere on the planet, using a satellite connection, and that has built-in maps of all the roads and major facilities. So the new PDA GPS device are more than anyone would need anywhere, both at the office and on the road.

The PDA GPS devices have prices varying around a few hundred dollars, depending on their functions and characteristics, and most of them include detailed maps of various regions, (they can be used as car GPS devices also - they can generate driving instructions and can be powered from the car cigarette lighter sometimes), a touchscreen, digital camera,included memory and an operating system - Windows CE usually.

The PDA GPS' can be used together with a laptop or a pocket PC, to which they can connect through an USB cable or wireless, using bluetooth. They can easily synchronize with the PC because they both have this function included.

All the laptop models can be connected to a PDA GPS, you just need the right hardware and software for this, and then you can turn your PC in a GPS navigation unit. If you are interested in using a PDA GPS for this purpose, you can find special, cheaper devices designed to work only in combination with a portable PC. These devices don't have a screen or internal memory, and they are often referred to as a 'GPS mouse'. Also, special add-ons can pe purchased, that can turn your normal PDA or laptop in a PDA GPS. These devices connect to the laptop or PDA through the flash-memory slot, ot through the USB plug, to the laptop.

PDA GPS' are produced either for general of for special purposes and the internet market is full of PDA GPS units produced for both purposes, with prices available to everybody, so if you decide on buying a PDA GPS it's very easy to find one!

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Author: David C Skul
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