Nokia N95: Its more.

Nokia N-Series has consequently become the other name of innovation and advancement. Since the release of the very first N-series phone, the series has not only grown by adding new members in its profile, but also by offering the latest in technology. It seems as if all the right elements have been merged together to bring forth some of the very best handsets for a common mobile phone user. Every N-Series phone gives you more options to do more.

Whatever you can think of in a latest mobile handset - its all there in N-Series. Music, Internet, unparalleled connectivity and multimedia - and it does not stop here, you would certainly have more in the coming N-Series phones. Nokia N-Series has been always in the news and rightly so, as it offers so much to explore innumerable possibilities. The Nokia N95 is another dynamic gadget of the N-Series. Loaded with an exhaustive range of features - the Nokia N95 has it all, which you would love to have in your mobile handset.

Like other N-Series phones, the Nokia N95 also comes with basic features - a MP3 player, a 5-megapixel camera and superb multimedia features. Well, when it comes to imaging features, the Nokia N95 is too good and it is quite capable to replace your digital camera. Equipped with a 5-megapixel camera, auto-flash, and inbuilt video recording features - It lets you capture all those larger than life moments, the way you want. Well, its advanced video features like video streaming and video playback allows you to watch all your favourite videos in the most easiest way.

The Nokia N95 is based on the highly advanced Symbian operating system - this allows you to take very good care of all those basic things, as you like. Basically, this operating system helps you to do video and imaging editing like never before. It is also loaded with a CIF camera, which is intentionally fitted for video calling. With PDF viewer and seamless Internet connectivity, you can take a very good care of your business or work even during those long travelling hours. The Nokia N95 is simply a superb gadget, which lets you enjoy various things altogether.

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