Adsense=BIG BUCKS- Part 1

So you want to make a fortune with Google AdSense, but don't know where to start? Keep reading, and you'll be ready to make your first $100 in a matter of one week. (This is the minimum amount before a paycheck for Google is sent).

It doesn't matter if you have a regular Website, a Blog or a Discussion Forum type of page....AdSense ads will fit nicely. I will point out however that forums typically do NOT bring in alot of dollars, despite the influx of traffic. Keep that in mind when deciding what kind of site you intend to start with.

As there are literally millions of Blogs out there covering the gamut of topics, the likelihood of you re-inventing the wheel or breaking new ground is nil. Don't waste your time coming up with a fancy new "gadget" blog, or "mesothelioma" branded site. There are others that jumped on top of that bandwagon from the start and have an insurmountable lead on you. Besides, even the supposed "highest-paying keywords" have diminished due to advertisers getting wise and Google working with them to institute different pricing plans.

Let's start with some simple things you can do right now.

1. Acquire a domain name to match your "niche"

2. Create something simple to get the ball rolling so you can get out of Google's "sandbox" relatively quickly- you can add content as you like, but you must get your player on the field if you are going to play.

3. Make your Home Page the focal point of your site. Forums and gimmicks can be added later. You need a presense at this point, not the coolest new flash game to offer nobody. Speaking of Flash...leave the exciting entry pages for are about to become a professional. We don't play in that arena, do we? No...we don't. Not now, not ever.

4. Look at the top of the search engines when typing in your preferred keywords. Look at the websites objectively, act as if you are there for the info it provides and decide if your desires were satisfied by visiting them. What would you do differently, if you didn't see what you were looking for? TAKE NOTES. Apply the changes to YOUR new website, but do NOT copy the content directly from any other sites. This is your first dance, don't subject yourself to ridicule or worse right out of the gate.

5. Get a Site Counter. There are many free ones out there. Pick one, anything will do as you can change it later. You'll begin to see where your visitors are coming from and use the information for tweaking. have much work to do right now! We'll get you squarely on your way to making BIG BUCKS with the next article in a day or two.

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Author: Mike Clifford
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