iPods Contribute To Hearing Loss?

When you do use your iPod, what do you actually do? Do you ever think about the iPod batteries and power and if the gadget would have enough juice to last you through the day? Or do you think about the songs which you would be listening to? Or do you simply go ahead and put on the headphones, take on your favorite songs, and just blast off the volume to the top?

For most people, as long as they do have their iPods especially their iPod Shuffle with them, they do not care just how high the volume they are playing. In fact, studies and researches have shown that most of the iPod users, which amount to around 80 percent of all users, do keep the volumes up so high that it could actually damage the hearing prowess of your ears. And experts do say that by playing the iPods that loud, you could become deaf in no time at all.

But it does look like despite the tons and tons of gadgets and devices that do contribute a lot to the loss of hearing; scientists are currently working on answers to this kind of problem. Scientific journals and medical papers are saying that these experts are now working on the possible solution to those ears which seem not to be working all too well. And these experts are saying that they would be using stem cells as well as electrical pulses to do this.

At present, we do know that to actually lessen the disadvantages of hearing loss, the scientists and the doctors who specialize in the ears and hearing are offering answers like hearing aids. These hearing aids have surely been developed well at present so much so that they seem not to be there at all when used and they do allow the user clear listening to what is happening around him or her. The experts are also resorting to the implantation of cochlear in the ears of patients who do suffer from hearing loss.

The future seems not to be too bleak at all for those iPod and iPod Shuffle users who do love it including its iPod Shuffle Accessories, these gadgets can be enjoyed with the volume at top levels if they desire. A conference was held by the American Assocation for the Advancement of Science and they have been discussing that one of the possible ways of bringing back the luster of those ill ears is to use two kinds of processes. One would be through the transplant of stem cells and the other would be to actually recharge these new cells through electricity from an amplifier that is mounted near the ear. The combination of these two techniques are currently being discussed and they are saying that when properly developed, it could really do work out fine.

Richard Schmiedt is a professor on the subject of otolaryngology at the Medical University of South Carolina. On the subject, he does speculate, "We have a good chance of getting normal hearing back in normal ears." And coming from an expert, people are surely given much more hope.

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