Office Phone Systems With Pbx Technology

Office phone systems with PBX technology help in the smooth running of any business establishment. These services are mostly used by small and medium sized businesses because these are less expensive than the conventional premise based phone systems. A PBX service can be obtained from a hosted PBX service provider. These phone systems come with disaster recovery capability; any damage to the public telephone network has little, if no impact on these systems.

Advanced Features of an Office Phone System with PBX Technology

A PBX office phone system enables any small/medium business firm to function just as a big corporate.  The auto attendant service in it greets the callers with a professionally recorded welcome greeting. The calls are efficiently handled; without even giving a busy signal, the calls are routed to multiple departments of the office. Voicemail, caller ID, call transfer, find me follow me call forwarding and many more services are provided in such office systems. These also come with a host of menu options such as dial by extension, dial by name and zero out to live operator.

PBX Phone Systems Have the Following Significant Characteristics

•    Can be easily installed
•    Eliminate phone cable connections
•    Affordable
•    Superior customer service features
•    Improve business productivity

Find the Right Providers for Quality Services

Since these are the phone systems most sought after by business people, PBX phone systems enjoy great demand in the market. Before finalizing, you should compare the various plans that each provider offers such as direct receptionist, direct messaging, and direct enterprise. Understanding the needs of your small or large business environment, you can choose the right one.

Hassle-Free Service with Cutting-Edge Technology

A PBX technology supported office phone system comes without any additional equipment to install, unlike the traditional ones. Since these are web-administered office phone systems, multiple phone lines will be connected to the extension phone lines in your office. In short, an office phone system with PBX technology not only reduces the hassles of handling phone equipment, but also cuts down the extra telecom expenses.

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AccessDirect is a leading service provider of small business Hosted PBX systems including: voice mail, toll-free and local phone numbers, and fax-to-email service. Our office phone systems with PBX technology can aid in the smooth operation of your small business.

Author: John Kinskey
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